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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My dream Life

My dream name is Allora. I want to be a chef when I grow up, but most my dreams are about friends, or some people my mind make up. Last night I dreamt I met a boy named Nathaniel. He was older than me, and we met at the snow. It was very cold, and the snow was soft. I was sledding down the hill when all of a sudden someone yelled, " Sucker!" I ignored it, but then I saw who it was as he zoomed past me. It was a boy, and he was laughing at me. As soon as i got to the bottom, i rushed to the top of the hill, and as i do so, I see him. He asks me to race with him down the hill, and so i say sure. (By the way my mind made this kid up i don't know him in real life.) As we raced down the hill, i leaned forward, and start going faster. All of a sudden, Justin Bieber pops out of nowhere, and i run into him, he flips over me, and falls into the snow, dead. Nathaniel starts laughing, and i start screaming one, because i'm running into a tree, and two because i thought i was a murderer. Turns out, the snow was so hard it was like cement and he just had a huge concussion, and when the doctors came, it was too late. It was a sad dream, but to boys it will probably be hilarious. All boys hate Justin Bieber, and so do some girls. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my posts I do!


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