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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My dream of MC

About a month ago i had a dream and today it happened. My best friend MC, said that Justin Bieber is a better friend than me and he is waiting hour upon hour for his call. He wants to be JB's best friend and hopes to sing with him someday. He also told me he is jealous of JB's best friend Selena Gomez. I hope he forgives me for writing this. Enjoy!

P.S. MC also says that he is not responsible for his break up in 1st grade because he did not know his girlfriend was allergic to KFC. She should have warned him before she was allergic to kentucky fried turkey.

P.S.S. KFC stands for kitty fat cat

Friday, January 14, 2011

Torturous Dream

Last night i dreamt a stupid boy from my grade named Thomas was dating one of my best friends name Cellia. She was all popular and I was angry because the boy was SO stupid. She kept on wearing his jacket, and walking with him. I started yelling at him because he kept on walking away from her and flirting with other girls. In the end of the dream, Cellia dumped him, and all his friends left him.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My dream Life

My dream name is Allora. I want to be a chef when I grow up, but most my dreams are about friends, or some people my mind make up. Last night I dreamt I met a boy named Nathaniel. He was older than me, and we met at the snow. It was very cold, and the snow was soft. I was sledding down the hill when all of a sudden someone yelled, " Sucker!" I ignored it, but then I saw who it was as he zoomed past me. It was a boy, and he was laughing at me. As soon as i got to the bottom, i rushed to the top of the hill, and as i do so, I see him. He asks me to race with him down the hill, and so i say sure. (By the way my mind made this kid up i don't know him in real life.) As we raced down the hill, i leaned forward, and start going faster. All of a sudden, Justin Bieber pops out of nowhere, and i run into him, he flips over me, and falls into the snow, dead. Nathaniel starts laughing, and i start screaming one, because i'm running into a tree, and two because i thought i was a murderer. Turns out, the snow was so hard it was like cement and he just had a huge concussion, and when the doctors came, it was too late. It was a sad dream, but to boys it will probably be hilarious. All boys hate Justin Bieber, and so do some girls. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my posts I do!


Just So You Know...

Just so you know, this is what i want my life to be like. I have dreams, ok? Please enjoy my blog, and leave comments, too!